Store Feature: Comic Quest – Evansville, Indiana

In recent years I have found myself going down to Evansville, Indiana at least once a year for a family thing. It really didn’t dawn on me when I was down there I should bust away and check out the local comic shop. Comic Quest made me regret my lapse in judgment.
I knew this store was going to be different because the first thing I noticed, even before I got in my car to drive there, was that they have a website that they actually update and more than once a week. I don’t think any of the shops where I live even have websites! Then you know it’s going to be a winner, because they have automatic doors. Now that’s pimp!
Comic Quest has been in business for over 20 years and at their current location for nearly 10 years, next door to Rural King. The guys that I spoke with were really a pleasure to talk with and really enjoy talking about random stuff. Heck anyone looking forward to attending GenCon is alright in my book. Their selection of new books is huge and they have a very healthy selection of back issues. Which I think is becoming more and more rare, at least in the stores that I have been to recently. One of the areas of the store that I thought was well thought out was a section that was dedicated to bigger name heroes like Flash, Spiderman, and others. In a particular section you would see several individual comics, compilations, figures, and other random stuff (lunchbox anyone?) all in one section. Very convenient!
Comic Quest also have a huge gaming department with all the latest and greatest. Also they have weekly gaming tournaments and get-togethers, board game nights and more.
If you within an earshot of this place, you really should stop by and check them out. I am already looking forward to my next trip there.

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