Astro City #3 Review

Astro City #3 Review


Writer: Kurt Busiek
Artists: Brent Anderson
Colors: Alex Sinclair
Letters: John G. Roshell and Jimmy Betancourt of Comicraft
Cover: Alex Ross

Review by Scott Keys

After the cliffhanger of last issue, I was eagerly anticipating this issue. Could this issue pay-off with the premise that Busiek set up last issue? What was going to happen to Marella? These questions would be answered beautifully by Busiek and Anderson in Astro City #3.

Busiek picks up right after the shocking last page of issue 2, and we follow Marella as she tries to rectify her mistake. She takes it so far as to go to Quevachi and provide aid to the victims of the Skullcrushers’ attacks while looking for Esme and her mother from that fateful call in issue 2. I’ve said it before, Busiek does “average joe” brilliantly, and you really root for Marella to find Esme and fix her mistake. I won’t spoil anymore, but the final pages with Marella and Cleopatra are poignant and heart-warming, another stellar issue by Mr. Busiek!

Anderson, as I’ve said before, is the perfect complement to Busiek because he can do “average joe,” just as well as “widescreen action.” The emotion on Marella’s face when she realized that Esme knew Honor Guard was needed is gut-wrenching, and the panels of Marella after she gets home! He starts with a tight shot of her face, stricken with grief, and starts to pan away, giving the reader a true sense of loneliness and darkness, expertly done.

If you like your super-hero comics to have great art, storytelling, and a great message, why aren’t you reading this book already? I mean, seriously, why not? This is one of the best books on the shelves today, and Busiek and Anderson delivered an issue that is nothing less than perfect!

Story: 5 / 5
Art: 5 / 5
Overall: 5 / 5

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