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Review-ski: Batman 19

A review by Ruben Mendoza.    Batman #19 “Nowhere Man” Review Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo continue to show us why Batman is the best comic on the shelves. As soon as you lay your eyes on the gatefold cover … Continue reading

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Another hot deal of the day from DOC

Not much to say about this piece of luggage. It’s cool and (sadly) it’s for children. Though If we traveled more than we would probably see someone older bringing it around. Though my opinions about carrying myself are on the fence because according to … Continue reading

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Mr. T’Challa goes to Wakanda

During episode 48 I brought out from the long-box Fantastic Four Number 119. You do not need to listen to the episode to understand what this post is about. I’m just completing a thought that I failed to tie a bow … Continue reading

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Toledo. Your starting to be my kinda town.

Four or five months ago we shared with you that the Toledo Walleye (EHCL) had a very special evening.   This evening was dedicated to Wounded Warriors and Toledo’s Heroes in Action.  What made it special beyond the obvious?  They … Continue reading

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Informercial Gifs: Because Life is Hard

Animated gifs… or I think they are just gifs now.  How you have come along.   Someone collected the best images from everyone’s favorite infomercials   Wow, I always thought that those infomercials were ridiculous (Snuggie?), but if you skimp them down to a … Continue reading

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