Avengers #32 Review

avengers 32
Avengers #32 Review

Written By: Johnathan Hickman
Artist, Cover: Leinil Francis Yu
Colorist: Sunny Gho
Artist: Gerry Alanguilan

A Review By Ruben Mendoza

Hickman’s version of the Avengers doesn’t reward you issue by issue, rather it takes a couple of books to piece together his vision and long arching story. While this worked for Marvel’s last event Infinity it appeared that all the science babble and time traveling was leading us nowhere with the Avengers. The current Marvel event Original Sin has bought us quite a knockout blow (if you have been following both Avengers/New Avengers from Hickman you’ll understand what I’m talking about) as Captain America finally remembers what the New Avengers did to him some one year ago. When he finds out he is furious and rightfully so, as the consequences of the actions of the New Avengers are felt in this book as the team is plunged into the future thanks to the time gem.

As we glimpse into the future and each member of the Avengers future self, one can’t help but feel this borrows a bit from Forever Evil and the Crime Syndicate. Although the time traveling bits and future speak can be confusing, there are moments that come together quite nicely, we will probably look back at this as a legendary Avengers run, we just haven’t got the answers yet. Some may find that as a fault but it’s understandable, this is high concept stuff that goes way over my head sometimes.

Aside from the technical setbacks, Hickman has given us a very different set of Avengers to play with and none stand out as much as Starbrand who acts as the group light hearted Spider-Man. After all the news this week with Thor, some events in the book will make a lot more sense and the foreshadowing had me on the edge of my seat. Yu’s artwork is extraordinary here as he every figure and object is a work of beauty. His Black Widow and Hawkeye are amazing and just about everything this guy draws is a perfect ten.

Johnathan Hickman’s grand Avengers tale is hitting on all cylinders as we draw close to a climatic finish. While this may not be for all, Hickman is providing us with an incredible Avengers story. Now, the only thing we are waiting on is if it’s actually going to pay off.

Overall: 4/5

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