Batman/Superman #1 – A Drunk On Comics New Review!


Batman/Superman #1

“Cross World”

Writer: Greg Pak
Artists: Jae Lee (pgs 1-18), Ben Oliver (pgs 19-25)
Colors: June Chung (pgs 1-18), Daniel Brown (pgs 19-25)
Letters: Rob Leigh
Cover: Jae Lee & June Chung
Batman Variant: Guillem March
Superman Variant: Kenneth Rocofort

Review by Scott Keys

This book continues a tradition almost as old as DC Comics itself, the teaming of Batman and Superman. What makes this book different from the previous incarnations is quite simple, it’s set in the New 52 universe. We are getting to see the first meeting of these two iconic characters through the prism of the New 52, and I must say, I was impressed!

Let’s state the obvious first, this book is GORGEOUS! Jae Lee is a master craftsman when it comes to the comic page, and in this book he gets to shine by showcasing his talents on the most iconic characters. Jae Lee’s style lends itself well to both characters, but especially well with Batman. His dark, almost creepy gothic sculptures and buildings makes Gotham seem alive and quite depressing. Ben Oliver picks up on art near the end of the book, and I found his style to compliment Lee’s quite well. Both have a very detailed style, but Oliver’s art is more vibrant and is a nice contrast to the darker Lee art.

I found Pak’s writing quite good. Pak picks up on the dichotomy of the two lead characters and runs with it. The opening sequence of the book is a great example. We see Clark going through Gotham, and he comes across some a boy being bullied. Bruce is watching, waiting for the boy to stand up for himself, telling the boy to fight back. What happens next? Clark swoops in and “saves the day.” This is the main difference between the two characters: Clark helps, Bruce wants them to help themselves. Later we see Batman and Superman meet for the first time in Metropolis against a possessed Catwoman. This of course leads to the inevitable “misunderstanding” and battle between the two (which is beautifully drawn, I might add). Next, Catwoman’s possessor leaves, and just as Superman and Batman are about to collide….BOOOOM!. Who was possessing Catwoman? How did young Superman end up in Smallville with an older Batman? I have to say I’ve seen enough to come back for issue two.

Overall, Batman/Superman was quite an enjoyable read. Jae Lee’s art alone is worth the price of the book, and after a few issues, I’m sure Greg Pak will hit his groove on both characters, making this a “must read!” The seeds are planted, time to watch them bear fruit.

Story: 4 / 5
Art: 5 / 5
Overall: 4 / 5

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