Black Science #3 Reivew

Black Science #3 Reivew

Publisher: Image
Story: Rick Remender
Pencils: Matteo Scalera
Colours: Dean White

Review by Patrick McAleer

This third issue of Black Science sees writer Rick Remender give us plenty of exposition pertaining to not just the technology our motley crew of ‘dimensionauts’ are using, but the dynamic between the team. Whilst we do get some sci-fi staples, such as the slimy corporate executive or the stoic former soldier, this really is an interesting cast of characters, no-one, not one of them is without faults or moral failings it seems, even our assumed central protagonist, Dr Grant McKay.

You throw such a dysfunctional group of adventurers into the weird and wonderful worlds Remender is creating and you have close to comic book perfection. It’s worth the cover price of this third issue alone, just to see the futuristic Native Americans who are war with what looks like a World War 1-era German army.

Remender’s vision is being beautifully realised by artist Matteo Scalera, who opens this third issue with a truly jaw dropping single page splash cityscape. Again worth the price of admission alone. Dean White on colours is still knocking it out of the park. He’s particularly strong in the trench scenes where his palette really evokes the grimy muddy, depressing milieu of World War 1.

Black Science continues to astonish, with it’s inventive story, great pacing and sublime visuals. It’s rock n’ roll comic-booking of the highest order; better jump on board for a front row seat.

Overall 4.5/5
Story 4/5
Pencils 5/5
Colours 4.5/5

Patrick is a contributing writer for Drunk On Comics. You can follow him on Twitter at @RepStones.

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