Black Widow #1 Review

Black Widow #1 Review

Marvel Comics
Writer- Nathan Edmonson
Artist- Phil Noto
Letterer- Clayton Cowles

Review By Ruben Mendoza

It seems that the Marvel is listening to their fans now more than ever as they are finally giving Black Widow fans her very own ongoing series. I was highly anticipating this book when it was announced and it delivers on ever level. However, I was abit skeptical that this book would be weighed down by Avenger business and whatnot by I’m glad to say this book takes place outside of the usual heroes and sets its own place in the Marvel Universe.

What I enjoyed most about the story is that it starts right in the middle of one of Black Widow’s missions, no back story or wasted panels on whom she is that most of these #1s suffer from. We already know who Black Widow is, or who she’s not. Natasha isn’t your typical hero; she does the work nobody else wants to do. Widow gets her hands dirty to take care and protect our world from some very bad people that aren’t super powered baddies, just baddies with big bank accounts.

Black Widow #1 shows us a different side of the character, and shows that there is plenty of weight behind the decisions she makes and that she isn’t just some mindless killing machine. Nathan Edmonson gives us a Black Widow that is trying to atone for her past mistakes by eliminating whom she deems are bad people. Even she acknowledges that this may be an endless task by she nonetheless takes the challenge. The artwork provided by Phil Noto is simplistic and at the same time amazing, the color choices and edges suit the story perfectly.

This is going to be the comic that everyone is going to be talking about; a perfect Black Widow starting issue that can only get better from here.

-Deeply engrossing assassination story with the best that Marvel has to offer.
-Artwork is fantastic and fits the tone of the book.
-Black Widow adopted an alley cat (Liho) which makes her awesome in my book.



Ruben is a contributing writer for Drunk On Comics. You can follow him on Twitter at @TheRubenMendoza.

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