Blue Beetle (Creighton) vs Paste Pot Pete (Duke)

Warning: This post is rated XXX-man.  It contains awful language from the dirty mind of a deviant drunkard.  It is not for readers under the age of 35.

Paste Pot Pete (or P3 as his friends call him (which would make that exactly zero)) defeated the Blue Beetle in yet another stunning upset by the sticky upstart.  It is as if P3 is being represented by a capable and well established powerhouse with a long tradition of success.  It is almost like he made a deal with some powerful duke of the lower planes or something… Could it possibly be Mephisto’s inbreed, blue-blooded devil cousin, Washington Duke? (Wiki it).

An eye witnesses to the clash, one Muffy St. Clair from Iowa,  said P3 got the drop on the Blue Beetle by showing up to BB’s apartment dressed a plumber who was delivering a pizza.  What happened next in the scuffle cannot be described in print do to its explicit content, but you can imagine that the fray was underscored by an atrocious soundtrack reminiscent of the 70’s.  The Admiral of Adhesive ended the bout by delivering his coup de grace, a bukakay of bonding agents, to the visage of the Big Bad Beetle Borg.

Muffy said, “It was everywhere.”  Referring of course to the trademarked paste slung from Pete’s goo wand.

“I haven’t seen that much goop since we filmed Dr. Doop: Dicktator of Latvulvia,” is what she said.

So stick around readers, Paste Pot Pete still has at least one more fierce fight in him, or as the British would say, “He’s got another dingdong in him!”

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