Brisco County Jr & The Olympics. Who knew?

The other night my girlfriend [now fiancee] and I were watching some Olympic coverage on NBC. During their recap of the sport events to come, she leans over and asks me if the background music is the theme song to the Adventures of Brisco County Jr.?  I thought maybe it sounded similar, but it has been a while since I watched the program.  Well, it turns out (like most times) she was correct.  NBC Sports has and continues to use American score composer Randy Edelman’s , opening theme music to the short lived TV series, Brisco County Jr.  NBC Sports uses the theme primarily during the Olympics, but have used it with some other sporting events as well. So of course what do you do after finding out something so bad-ass? Watch the intro of course!  We included a link below.


Brisco County Jr. Theme Song

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