Bubble Gun #1 Review

bubble gum
By Ruben Mendoza
Written By: Mark Roslan
Art- Mike Bowden
Colorist- David Curiel
Lettering- Josh Reed
BubbleGun #1 from Aspen Comics is a very fast paced and quick wit story that delivers
The story follows Devyn and her group of thieves (including sister Molli) as they pull off a daring heist in the opening panels of the book (beautifully captured by artist Mike Bowden). The comic even manages to pull off a bit of a surprise twist that genuinely caught me off guard. Even though this team is lead by Devyn, this is really Molli’s story. Molli is the voice of this comic (literally, as she is the narrator) and it helps the reader better relate to her, and she is quite a character indeed.
BubbleGun #1 offers a lot in terms of story and action, but the story is my favorite part of this book. The book is wrapped around a big story point where the Devyn and company steal a package that a few other powerful organizations want to get their hands on. There is also a Big Sister/Little Sister thing going on with Devyn and Molli who are constantly bickering with one another about Molli’s reckless nature and Devyn being overprotective.  Issue 1 sets up a lot of story elements but it never seems like it’s throwing something out for the sake of throwing something out. Each story point is given a moment for the reader to register it. I said before, the art work for the characters in BubbleGun are big and colorful and help to flesh them out greatly.
BubbleGun #1 certainly has a lot to offer.  With it’s cast of interesting characters and fantastic art, this is definitely a series I will be keeping my eyes on.
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