Championship Match of D.O.C. presents March Madness of Superhero Mayhem Dr. Doom (Louisville) vs Wolverine (Michigan)

March Madness of Superhero Mayhem finalOver the course of the March Madness tournament, we and Drunk on Comics decided to try our take on a superhero tournament, with each team having a character attached to it, and from the results of the game, we would come up with a story behind the matchup.  You can find all of the rest of the games here: Superhero Brackets

And now for the final matchup: Dr. Doom (Louisville) vs Wolverine (Michigan)

Wolverine is the “best there is at what he does” and today he is LOSING!

Dr. Doom has beaten all of his adversaries hands down.  His defense has exhausted his opponents.  He continued to press on to his goal and make an opening and things happened.  He was flawless in his strategies, he was so full of win that Charley Sheen called him up and they shared some Tiger’s Blood. 

Was there any doubt Doom would be victorious?  Actually there was because Doom seems to always lose in the end because of his arrogance.  But this Doom was precision, perfection, and in a shocking twist to the readers, this was just a DOOM BOT!!!

So loyal readers, those who actually stuck around and wanted to see how this MADNESS would end, I bequeath to you the amazing power to get earworms out of you head by singing the theme song to this year’s first ever winner of the whatever-we-called-this-tournament-I-am-too-lazy-to-look-up… DOOM BOT.

(song to Hanson’s MMM Bop)

Doooom Bot… Bot Bot, Dooooom Bot, Dooomie doom doomie, Dooom Bot Bot bot ahhhh.  DOooOM B-Ahhhh-T….

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