Cobra Commander (Arizona) vs Firestar (Harvard)

In this second round match-up, the snake in the grass himself, Cobra Commander, went head to red-head with Miss Anjelica Jones aka Firestar.

Everyone knows that a one on one battle between the goddess of fire and Mr. Mirror Face should be as one sided as you can get, but the Commander was up to his dirty tricks once again.

Knowing he couldn’t win fairly, he walked into the arena armed only with his smart phone. Before Firestar unleashed the hellfire upon him, he merely held up the phone so she could see the photo on it.

The devious dictator had a picture of Anjelica’s little dog, Ms.Lion. In the photo, her pet was in a metal cage suspended over a piranha filled tank of water.

And even though no one who watched Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends liked that mangy mutt, Anjelica still loved it. Without a word, she stopped, kneeled down and gave up.

And with that, Cobra Commander took his seat among the Sinister Sixteen.

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