Drunk On Comics Podcast 096: Comic Books!


Black Widow 5
Drunk On Comics Podcast 096: Comic Books!

Wow. There is a lot in this one episode. And there are just two people on the show this week! Tony and Matt are on sabbatical this week, leaving Kevin and Derek to do the duties of bringing you news, entertainment, love, and other special nice-ness. Below you’ll find a summary of all the wonder-ness that is in the show this week, as we record at one of our favorite watering holes.

Please let us know what you think of the recording. Is the background noise distracting? Do you love it? Your feedback to us is so important!

Thanks. And enjoy the show.

Off the shelf this week:
The Field #1 from Image Comics

What if? Age of Ultron #1 from Marvel Comics

Dead Letters #1 from Boom! Studios

Caliban #1 from Avatar Press

Bar Backs:
The Dead a KickStarter joint!

Indie Turnpike:
Self-Obsessed from Image Comics

Best on Tap:
Black Widow #5 from Marvel Comics

Booze and a Book:
Punisher #4 from Marvel Comics paired with Founder’s Brewing Company All Day I.P.A.

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