Daredevil #30 Review

Daredevil #30 Review

Storytellers: Mark Waid and Chris Samnee
Colorist: Javier Rodriguez
Letterer: Joe Caramagna
Cover: Chris Samnee and Javier Rodriguez

Review by Tom Barnett

Right out of the gate you will notice something different about this comic. It lists Mark Waid and Chris Samnee not as writer and penciler, but as storytellers. This crediting actually began in issue 26. It’s been noted on various internet sites how well Waid and Samnee collaborate on Daredevil and the credits are starting to show that collaboration. But even before that little discovery, you will have noticed that the Silver Surfer is in this issue. When have the Surfer and Daredevil ever teamed up? The answer is never. In Daredevil issue 282 of the original run, the Surfer show up to help battle Mephisto, but the two characters don’t meet. And in issue 128 of the Silver Surfer, they battle, but it’s not really the Silver Surfer.

First off, these are two of my favorite characters, so I didn’t even care what the story was going to be, but Waid and Samnee don’t disappoint us. The new character of Ru’ach is an alien that has come to ask Matt/Daredevil for help in finding asylum on Earth or the Earth will perish! That’s where the Surfer comes in, as he’s been hunting for Ru’ach and things might not be as straight forward as they seem. Waid delivers an outstanding and fun comic book story. I especially like how Waid has Matt describes the Surfer, A living wind that takes solid form. Waid gives both characters so much personality in this story. The Surfer has his normal quick temper and angst, but it gives way to a dry sense of humor. Matt also shows his quick wit and lawyer thinking as he and the Surfer search for Ru’ach. Letterer Joe Caramagna does a great job of getting Waid’s lines delivered with the right intonation.

Congrats to Chris Samnee for winning the Eisner award for best penciler and inker. This issue is certainly no let down from that award winning style. Fantastic panels run throughout this issue. Some panels allow the reader to “see” like Daredevil. Other panels are just all out awesome, such as seeing Daredevil riding, nay driving the Surfer’s board. Even his silent panels deliver so much emotion to the story. And then there’s the epic cover. Just fantastic! That’s a cover I really want a print of. I just can’t get enough of his work.

However, there is another name is this mix that deserves just as much credit, colorist, Javier Rodriguez. His coloring makes this comic so vivid. It’s boldly colored without being garish.

How is it possible that these two classic Marvel characters have never met in 50 years! I don’t know, but I’m glad I was here to ride the board with them. This run of Daredevil is the stuff of comic book legends. It’s that good. Buy it!

As a side note check out this piece of homage that was pointed out by the website Other Murdoch Papers. http://www.theothermurdockpapers.com/2013/08/matt-murdock-gives-a-lecture-at-carter-college/

Story: 5
Art: 5
Overall: 5

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