Deathstroke (Michigan St) vs Paste Pot Pete (Duke)

In our continuing series of Superhero Madness…..

Deathstroke had a new contract.  Apparently some low-level criminal was causing quite a bit of trouble.  When he read the dossier of his target he thought this job was well beneath his capable skills.  But the money was paid in advance and Deathstroke would honor his deal.

The mercenary would find his target and assassinate him from a distance.  This seemed the safest route as every other hero or villain that faced this pathetic target somehow came across humiliating defeat.  Unfortunately this was also the fate for Deathstroke.

Deathstroke set up his sniper rifle on a rooftop that offered a direct line of sight to the secret lab of his target (intel that was given to him from in the dossier).  Looking through his scope he saw a man inside, but it looked nothing like his target.  A lab assistant he thought, taking a break to watch some TV while his boss is away.  Deathstroke could see the light of a monitor shining on the man’s face.  He held his fire as the man got up and headed further into the bathroom.  Deathstroke knew that patience required for assassination.  Eventually the target would come and he would have his clear shot.

Minutes pasted.  The lab assistant didn’t return.  Deathstroke got that gut feeling that told him something was right.  He was about do something about it when several bricks nearby exploded and showered him in a golden spray of gooey paste.  It completed covered the mercenary and as he tried to move, quickly hardened rendering him immobile.

 “You see, it turns out I am not just a simple crook but also a talented disguise artist,” said the lab assistant as he  pulled off his disguise and revealing his true identity to be the notorious Paste-Pot-Pete! “on top of being  a good marksman, and as you can tell by the fast hardening paste you are stuck in, also a master chemist.”

“How did you know where to find me?

“I told you to be here!  You think a secret lab location is information you find on Wikipedia?”

Deathstroke knew he had just been played for a fool.

“I hired you to take me out because I knew eventually someone else would.  A man of your considerable talent would have succeeded too which is why I had to set you up and get the drop on you.  Pretty clever how I disguised these bricks to be paste bombs and I gave you the information that would give you the only shot to my “secret lab.”  With a window in it?  Come on? I saw you get in position on my monitor.”

Deathstroke was truly enraged that he underestimated his foe so completely.  “I can’t believe I have just been beaten by the villain with the stupidest name ever?”

“Yeah.  People often don’t give me enough credit because of my name.  They too fall for the ploy and get ensnared by my ruse. Heheh… I am quite a trapster.  But what most people don’t know is I have single handedly taken down many supers in my day.  Now I have a score to settle with the one who stopped me from finishing off Daredevil… Dr. Doom!”

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