Dr Who #16 Review

Dr Who #16 Review

Publisher: IDW
Writer: Tony Lee
Artist: Mike Collins
Colorist: Charlie Kirchoff
Letterer: Shawn Lee
Editor: Denton J. Tipton

Review by Josh Gillam

For Doctor Who fans that are needing their fix, these books are just what the Doctor ordered. Unlike my lame pun, these books will keep you thoroughly entertained and deliver that Doctor Who goodness we all love.

This issue concludes the four part Dead Man’s Hand storyline. We see the eleventh incarnation of The Doctor and his companion, Clara Oswald, in 1882 in the town of Deadwood. The Earth is on the verge of being destroyed by aliens known as the T’KEYN Empire. Besides The Doctor, there is a great cast of characters featured in this book. We see Calamity Jane, Thomas Edison, and Oscar Wilde assist The Doctor in saving the Earth once again. Oswald teams up with Calamity Jane to disable a force field protecting the alien ship. The Doctor then takes Oscar Wilde with him in the T.A.R.D.I.S. and board the now unprotected alien ship. Wilde gives a heartfelt speech to the aliens, pleading the sparing of Earth. The T’KEYN Empire decides to halt Earth’s destruction and withdraw. The book concludes with The Doctor and his companion heading off to their next adventure.

Tony Lee’s work on this book was nothing short of brilliant. All of the dialogue he wrote for The Doctor was so true to the character that I couldn’t help but read every bit of it in Matt Smith’s voice. Some of the best dialogue, however, had to be Oscar Wilde’s speech aboard the alien ship. It is a terrific summary of the personality of mankind, and ultimately compares it to the personality of a child. Lee gives us a riveting story that stays faithful to the style and quality of the TV show.

The settings in this story go from the old west to the inside of an alien spacecraft, and the quality of Mike Collins’ artwork never falters. The interior shots of the T’KEYN ship and the T.A.R.D.I.S are magnificent and very detailed. There is an amusing moment with Oscar Wilde in the comic that most Doctor Who fans will enjoy. Wilde is drawn with a resemblance to the Eighth Doctor, and later he dawns the outfit of the Eighth Doctor that he finds in the T.A.R.D.I.S.

Bottom line, any Doctor Who fan will be happy they picked up this book. The work by Tony Lee and Mike Collins will give you the same thrill you get when watching the TV show.

Story: 5/5
Artwork: 5/5
Overall: 5/5

Josh Gillam is the creator and writer for the webcomic/comedy project, Cynical Stew. You can follow him on Twitter at @Cynical_Stew

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