Dr. Doom (Louisville) vs Paste Pot Pete (Duke)

In our continuing series of Superhero Madness…..

I know there isn’t any direct correlation to our stories and the basketball games that determine the winner, but I have found this match particularly difficult to write in the aftermath of Kevin Ware’s severe injury.  I think it goes without saying that our thoughts and prayers go out to him, his friends and family, and especially his team mates.  We hope for a speedy recovery.

Now as for today’s match.  Dr. Doom beats Paste Pot Pete.  This fight probably went something like this:

Doom: I am Doom!

PPP:  Whose doom?

Doom: I am Doom.

PPP:  My doom?

Doom: No. I am Doom!

PPP: You mean you’re doomed?

Doom: No you’re doomed

PPP: I thought you were Doom?

Doom: I am Doom

PPP: But you said I am doomed.

Doom: That’s right. You are doom?

PPP: Then how are you Doom if I am doomed?

Doom: Because I am Doom and you’re doomed!

PPP: Which one of us is doomed?

Doom:  Arrrrghh!  (Doom activates his time platform jumping back in time 24 seconds.  Doom’s Present self sees Doom’s past self arguing with Paste Pot Pete)

Doom (Past): I am Doom!

PPP: Whose doom?

Doom (Present):  Stop this!

Doom (Past):  Who are you?

Doom (Present):  I am Doom!

Doom (Past):  You’re Doom?

PPP: Whose doom?

Doom (Present): Your doom!

PPP:  I am not doomed.

(Suddenly Dr. Doom from the future arrives from a time platform)

Doom (Future): If Doom does not stop this, everyone is doomed!

Doom (Present):  How can everyone be Doomed?  I am Doom!

Doom (Past):  No I am Doom!

PPP: Look you are all doomed!

Dooms:  Your doom!

(And if you continue reading this you will be Doomed too?  Since we are all doomed, Doom wins!)

So what did we learn class?

The importance of grammar, that proper nouns are capitalized, talking about your self in the 3rd person is really silly especially if you are a time traveler)

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