Dr. Doom (Louisville) vs Zantana (Oregon)

Doom stands unshaken as winged demons, legions of undead, and a pair of fire breathing dragons rush toward him, eager to end his life.  A lesser man would flee, terrified of the scene before him.

But Doom knows no fear.

And Doom knows an illusion when sees one.

“Your phantasms show that you are of no small skill, sorceress, but you are no Morgana and you are no match for Doom.”

“Is that so?  Illusion is just my opening act! Elssim cigam!”

As Zantanna speaks her magic words, hundreds of tiny streaks of energy fly towards her adversary ready to poke holes through his entire body, but instead bounce harmlessly off his armor.  Enchanted armor she thought.  He is well protected.  Zantanna tried another spell.

“llaberif!” She shouted and an orange basketball sized sphere of fire raced from her finger tips towards Doom.  If left unchecked it would detonate and completely engulfed Doom in a blazing inferno.  If, of course, Doom did nothing to stop it.

Doom waved one arm in front of his body in an arc, fingers flurrying in a spell of his own.  The ball of fire reversed directions heading back towards its caster growing all the bigger.  Meanwhile Doom’s other hand gathered up energy to launch his own offensive spell.

Zantanna leaps to her side to evade the volatile orb, which explodes in a rain of fire searing everything in the immediate vicinity.  Zantanna was lucky she was able to quickly rattle “em looc!” quickly enough to save herself from the heat.  However, her attention focused on surviving the fireball left her helpless against the bolt of lightning that raced toward.  Entering painfully through her right torso the electricity burned and singed the muscles of Zantanna’s body, forcing air from her lungs and her heart to putter inconsistently, before leaving her left  arm and continuing on to the next nearest conductive target.  As she lay crumpled on the ground Doom approaches.

Her only thoughts were to cast a spell of healing on herself, to make the excruciating pain stop and her heart to start beating normally once again.  She got one word out before a conjured gag cut off her ability to speak.

Now Doom leered menacing above her.  “Your magic runs through your blood.  Doom will know how this functions and then siphon it for his own gain.”

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