Drunk on Comics Episode 119: Live-ish from GrandCon


Translucid 6Greetings there fellow listeners!   You have stumbled onto another action packed episode of Drunk On Comics.  Now celebrating their 119th episode!    And how do you celebrate a completely irrelevant milestone?  You record your episode at a comic book convention.

Live-ish from GrandCon, Tony, Matt, Kevin and Derek yak it up about what’s what in the comic book world.

Off this shelf this week are the following gems:

Our Indie comic featured in our Indy Turnpike segment is   Tales of Mr. Rhee from Devils Due Entertainment

Our booze and a book segment pairs Daredevil #8 with a very delicious, near pure alcoholic beverage.  Wanna know more?  You will need to listen to the podcast to find out what it is, how its made, and why it’s nice.


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