Drunk On Comics Podcast 085: Giggling Like School Girls


Drunk On Comics Podcast 085:  Giggling Like School Girls

Well, it seemed like all was lost for Derek, Kevin and Tony as they couldn’t keep it together to even start the show.  But they seemed to find a small path to some sober thoughts to squeeze this podcast out for you.  We have a Black Dynamite #1 exploding first off the shelf.  Then we have the reappearance of “Blue Peter” in the pages of Superior Spider-man #25.  Then we had Deadpool fighting both zombies and vampires in booth Night of the Living Deadpool and Deadpool: The Gauntlet.

Indie Turnpike had what looks like an amazing crossover from IDW with X-files: Conspiracy.

Booze and a book had Daredevil #35 paired with Champagne.

Best on tap went to Black Dynamite #1 with the awesome punch to the face of a shark cover.

black dynomite

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