Drunk On Comics Podcast 087: Let’s Go Groundhog Hunting


Drunk On Comics Podcast 087:  Let’s Go Groundhog Hunting

We at Drunk on Comics declare it to be Groundhog season, thanks to that one named Phil, who decided to predict 6 more weeks of this already awful winter.  But we have the podcast to help take your mind off of the snowy weather for a little while.

Derek was sad that Saga is taking a hiatus, but still had a great time talk about Saga #18.  He also made Tony and Kevin make a deal to read Saga before it comes back.  Tony tried to explain what is going on with the Inhumans with Inhumanity #2.   Kevin went back to his neglected longbox to pull out World War Hulk.

Indie Turnpike was Code Red #2

Booze and a Book was Uber #9 paired with the funny to say Andechser Doppelbock Dunkel

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