Drunk on Comics Podcast 092: It’s Not Funny


 Drunk on Comics Podcast 092: It’s Not Funny

Like the day after a long night at the watering hose, the guys had a slightly rough time getting it off the ground.   But good books like  Magneto #1, Three #5, and Uncanny Avengers #17 bring a twinkle to everyone’s eye and then it takes off.   Derek went on to talk about Burn the Orphanage #3, and a certain type of rock that made him do a spit take.

We also shared the most fun you can search for things on the internet with
Gizoogle.net. You should try it out!

Indie Turnpike was the story of the best comic book animal ever in Quantum and Woody: The Goat #0

Booze and a Book was a sad tale of dogs and zombies in Afterlife with Archie #4 paired with a Gose

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