Drunk on Comics Podcast 121: Too Much Polishness


Drunk on Comics Podcast 121: Too Much Polishness

Tony and Derek, being the only 2 from the show without wives, and now without kids, had to give their epic duty of recording another show for your ears. But we do want to say congrats to Kevin on the birth of their new baby. We can’t wait to have him back in the studio to talk about how fatherhood has changed his comic book habits. Plus, Matt, with his new kid, will maybe show up at some point. But now for the good stuff

Derek walked about Thor #1, where Tony went on a rant of what happened in Original Sin to lead up to these events. Tony discussed the galactic event with a gigantic title Green Lanterns/New Gods crossover Godhead #1. Derek also revisited the Walking Dead #132, and explained why walkers are able to talk and wield weapons.

Indy turnpike was Brides of Helheim #1.

For Booze and a Book, Tony picked the time altering story of Gaurdians 3000 #1. He wanted to pair it with our first booze, but couldn’t find it, so just chose his first adult bevarage of Bacardi O and Sobe energy. He says its good, so we will take his word for it.

We also remembered to pick a Best on Tap, with Edge of Spider-verse #4


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