Drunk on Comics Podcast 219: Xenomorphs and Gene Wilder and Strippers! Oh My!


Drunk on Comics Podcast 219: Xenomorphs, Gene Wilder, and Strippers Oh My.

With Tony off being a man about town, Linz and Derek met up in Studio B this week. They were joined by James, for his second ever DoC recording. Be prepared….things get a little weird this week.

After some discussion about strippers to start the podcast of, the gang got in to reviewing some books. Linz covered Afterlife with Archie #10. If you have not been reading this book, now is the perfect time to jump on. This issue covered Josie and the Pussycats in a way that has definitely not been done before. Lets just say that the creators of this darker Riverdale decided that zombies and witches were not enough.

James reviewed Aliens: Defiance #1. This book, which came out earlier this year, follows Zula Hendricks (or as she became known on the podcast, Tracy Chapman) as she investigates a derelict hauler and comes across a dangerous species of aliens. If you love the Alien franchise, as James does, you will appreciate this tale as well the beautiful art.

After the reviews, things went fast and loose. There were many tangents and a bit of reminiscing from Derek and James. They did manage to cover the Kickstarter for Salvagers the Wreck Raiders: Part 2 from Bob Salley (find it here), the upcoming gaming convention held in Grand Rapids, GrandCon, and the return of Source Point Press to The Comic Signal.

They also covered the rumor that Deathstroke will be the villain in the Batman standalone movie and Linz got the boys talking about the best and worst supers to have as roommates (sparked by the hilarious video out about what Thor did while the rest of the MCU was Civil War-ing).

Booze and a Book this week was X-men ’92 #6 paired with a Flaming Dr. Pepper.

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