Drunk on Comics Podcast 221: Tony’s Not Dead…We Swear


Drunk on Comics Podcast 221: Tony’s Not Dead….We Swear

Linz, Derek and James met up in Studio B this week, mainly because Derek was a sick loser all weekend and couldn’t record until he was able to make it through a podcast without coughing his lungs up.

Lots of book reviews this week, mainly from James, who covered two (that’s gotta be some kind of a record) books. He talked about Hadrian’s Wall #1 and Kill or Be Killed #1, both out of Image. According to James, both of these books are about sad, sexually repressed men. Linz puckered up her lips and kissed the ass of Black Mask Studios yet again, with a review of The Forevers #1.

Moving on from reviews, the gang covered the news about our favorite crazy recluse, Alan Moore. Be prepared, the Alan Moore discussion quickly devolves in to a spirit chat about vaginas (it’s relevant). They also got in to some weird Wonder Woman news as well as movie news about Ninjak and Spawn. There’s more, but you have to listen to find out!

Booze and a book this week was Doom Patrol #1 paired with a Red Eye.

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