Drunk on Comics Podcast 250: The Boys Are Back In Town


Drunk on Comics Podcast 250: The Boys Are Back In Town

Welcome to another self-proclaimed star studded episode of the great podcast known as Drunk on Comics.   We have hit another milestone with episode 250 and over the years, it never gets old hanging out with friends, having some beers and discussing the many facets of comics.    Unlike other milestones the show has had, this one was made to be simple, with the help of the original crew of Tony, Derek, Matt and Kevin.

Kicking it off with some books in Off the Shelf, Derek discussed Empowered And The Soldier of Love #2.   Of course the guys all got into a few innuendos while talking about this book due to Soldier, but don’t let their bad humor discourage your from picking this up.  Tony discussed the spectacular story-line in Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #5.  This book allows marvel to tell a story of an adult/father Peter Parker and his family of heroes.   Derek gave more detail about the book with some knowledge from an interview he had with Ryan Stegman.

Kevin brought out his long box and gave a great review of the TPB story of Contagion.   It was a story arc that ran through multiple Batman titles back in 1996.  It centers around an outbreak in Gotham and Batman’s attempts to combat it.

There was some talk about the house of ideas running out of them with the resurrection of Venom’s hatred of Spider-Man, which lead to thoughts on comic book movies not all needing to be connected.   Guardians of the Galaxy is getting a 3rd movie before the 2nd has even hit theatres and a warning form the director that you do not want to miss the post credit scenes.  This brought up some Deadpool casting news as well as some information of the Han Solo movie.

Indie Turnpike was Heathen #2 from Vault Comics.  The story follows a young female viking fleeing her lands after she commits the sin of kissing her female friend.   This is nothing like those with other Norse viking books, and the art is something to behold.

Booze and a Book was The Unworthy Thor #5 paired with I Want To Believe from Hop Butcher of the World.  The big reveal of what was whispered is only hinted at with the brewery’s name.

And that wraps up another great podcast from the guys who started it all.  Thanks for listening to the last 250 episodes and we at Drunk on Comics look forward to bringing you many more.

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