Drunk on Comics Podcast 251: Pirates are the Pimps of the Sea


Drunk on Comics Podcast 251: Pirates are the Pimps of the Sea

After being rudely excluded from the 250th episode, Linz returns to the studio with her entourage (Josh and Connor) to give Tony the what for.

Ok, seriously though, Linz knew what was going on with the 250th podcast and thought it was a really good idea. The old crew, back together like no time has passed? Awesome! If you have not listened to that episode yet, go check it out! Also, why are you listening to the podcast non-sequentially? Don’t you realize we are telling a very nuanced story that will only make sense if you listen to all of them in a row?

For Off the Shelf this week Linz reviewed volume 1 of Space Riders from Black Mask Studios. This book, written by Fabian Rangel Jr. with art by Alexis Ziritt, can only be described as a Gene Rodenberry on acid fever dream. The story gives you everything you want out of sci-fi in both story and art, all in neon technicolor. Issue 1 of volume 2 comes out at the end of April, so do yourself a favor and check out volume 1 before then. You will not be sorry.

Tony reviewed WWE Wrestlemania 2017 Special #1 from BOOM! Studios. This oversized one-shot contains multiple stories from several different creators, much like the first issue of the WWE main series. The comic covers many matches from the history of Wrestlemania, including the classic ladder match between Sean Michaels and Razor Ramon and the rise of Daniel Bryan. And, of course, no WWE comic will be complete as of late without a comic about our favorite time traveling wrestlers, New Day. If you are a fan of wrestling, you will love this book because it adds to the fac experience. If you are not a fan of wrestling, you can still pick this book up and enjoy the fun in the pages.

In News and Notes, the crew covers the Justice League trailer, Joss Whedon coming to the DC movie-verse, the upcoming Gwar comic book, and the fund-raising power of the Love Is Love comic.

Best On Tap this week was Cover B of Ninjak #25 by Marc Laming.

ninjak 25

Booze and Book this week was the small comic from issue 8 of The Dark Knight III: Master Race paired with James Robert Dean Punch (and some history facts!)

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