Drunk on Comics Podcast 252: Poke-god


Drunk on Comics Podcast 252: Poke-god

Tony took this week off to do some Tony related stuff, so Linz and Josh are coming at you from Studio C, with special guest Kinda Connor. That is Connor’s new podcast moniker, as he is kinda on the podcast, but only when he feels like it.

For Off the Shelf this week Linz reviewed Godshaper #1 (Boom! Studios) written by Simon Spurrier and illustrated by Jonas Goonface (that is not a typo, his name is amazing). This book had Linz intrigued when she read the synapses a month ago and was definitely not disappointed by its actuality. This is a preview, the review is relative spoiler free, but does get in to the basis of the book. In this alternate version of our world that this story is based in, we lose all advances in physic based technology in the late 50’s, but this loss is replaced by everyone (almost) now having their own personal god. The almost to that sentence is that those who do not have their own god are the only people who can physically manipulate the gods. The story is interesting and definitely digs in to the economics of this god-society as well as the hierarchy of power. You will want to check this story out, it is something different in the best way possible.

For News and Notes this week the duo (trio?) chatted about Marvel’s slumping sales and their statement on what they initially though the problem was. An issue that they very quickly walked back on. They also covered the controversy in X-men Gold #1, a dynamic duo returning to work on everyone’s favorite bat-person, and some nerdy booze news.

Connor finished up the podcast with a review of the Netflix show Iron Fist. We are calling these Kinda Reviews from Kinda Connor.

Best on Tap was the Bob McLeod classic variant of X-men Gold #1 and Booze and a Book comiwas Royals #1 paired with The Noble Highball.




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