Drunk on Comics Podcast 287: We Are Not Hammered This Episode


Drunk on Comics Podcast 287: We Are Not Hammered This Episode

Linz and Tony LOVED Thor: Ragnarok.  They started out sharing very little, because they wanted to be spoiler free for once, which was hard for them.   But even with what little they spoke about it, you need to go see it.  It is one of the best Marvel movies so far.

With that said, they got into some reviews with Off The Shelf.  Linz reviewed Rugrats #1 from BOOM! Studios.  It has everything in it that you remember from the Nickelodeon show.   From the kids going into imagination mode, to their hi-jinx of breaking out of the play pen.  Even Reptar makes an appearance.  While it may be aimed at a younger audience, any fan of the show will be swimming in nostalgia.

Tony reviewed two books this week.  He started off with Captain America #695.  With his not too high review of Secret Empire, he was surprised how well Cap transitioned from public enemy into his old self.   Mark Waid did not dwell too much on the last big event and instead focused on what makes Captain America a true hero.   With some cynicism when he first started reading it, by the end, Tony was a fan of the direction of this book.

He also reviewed The Jetsons #1.   This is a must read for anyone who has ever watched this show.   It’s a bit more adult in nature, what with explaining why they are living above the earth, as well as a doomsday scenario heading their way.   The dialogue sounds fresh and the interactions with each member of the family is a step above the cartoon.  Tony has raved about all the Hanna-Barbera books coming out of DC, and this one is another goldmine.

Best on Tap was the cover of Grimm Fairy Tales: Neverland Return of Hook by Edgar Salazar

Booze and a book was Power Pack #63 paired with a Nojito (a non-alcoholic mojito)

Booze and a 

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