Drunk on Comics Podcast 289: The Super McKay Bros. Miss the Warp Pipe to the Coin Room


Drunk on Comics Podcast 289: The Super McKay Bros. Miss the Warp Pipe to the Coin Room

Linz is on holiday at Fantasticon, so Tony was left with finding a co-host.  So he called up his brother, Matt, to come join the show this week.  There wasn’t a ton of new to cover, but they heavily reviewed some books this week.

Matt reviewed Coyotes #1, which was very powerful in its story and artwork.   With a lot to be explained about the situation at hand, girls in this town are preyed upon by what seem to be were-coyotes. (better name to come)   Tony wondered if it was more of a mental image of these men being predators, but it seems there is something unnatural about these beasts.   It looks like the boys will need to wait until the next issue to have some of there questions answered.

Matt also talked about Runaways #3.   This discussion brought up the original series, and how its still about “family.” Regardless of what the group calls themselves, they will always be there for each other.  The members are growing, and whether that means closer or further apart is left to be seen.

Tony reviewed two books.  Kong on The Planet of the Apes #1 and Despicable Deadpool # 289.   First with Kong, it was a great book but you need to have watched the movies to get any of the references or background of characters.  It does leave the mystery of how and why Kong is in the future/planet of the apes.

Tony and Matt could talk about Deadpool for hours.  There have been many iterations and ways he has been written, but he is getting back to his roots.   Everything from trying to kill Cable again, to just killing for killing sake, has turned the tide for Wade Wilson becoming a hero.   This story arc in the new direction for Deadpool is great, and allowed Tony and Matt the opportunity to reminisce reading Cable/Deadpool in the early 2000s.

Booze and a Book was Coyotes #1 paired with a Bloody Maria (substitute vodka for tequila in a normal Bloody Mary).

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