Drunk on Comics Podcast 300: We Are DRUNK ON COMICS!


Drunk on Comics Podcast 300: We Are DRUNK ON COMICS!

In what many people can not believe was possible, the crew of Drunk on Comics has made it to episode 300.   Whether it be television, radio, or podcasting, there are not many shows in the world that make it past episode 100 let alone to 300.  It is an accomplishment made possible by the dedication and friendship of the crew at large.   (Also the joy of beer and comics that has always been a staple in the lives of those who have been a part of Drunk on Comics, has helped as well.) But really, if they didn’t enjoy what they have been doing, this show would have ended many beers ago.

Like other pinnacle episodes, Linz and Tony had some old voices back to record.  Matt and Derek the younger, came on to help in this weeks episode.  They didn’t dwell too much on the anniversary, but did bring up a few moments over the years that stuck with them.  But instead of turning this episode into a self pat on the back, they went with the normal format and reviewed some books and talked about some news in the industry.

The books discussed in this episode were many.  Doomsday Clock #3, Marvel Two in One #2 as well as some of Thanos #15 were brought up by Tony.   Matt talked about the amazing storytelling in Doctor Strange #385, and Linz spoke briefly of Phoenix Resurrection #4 as well as Legion #1.

Booze and a book was the comic 300 paired with Leonidas’s Shield from Cellar Brewing.

The Drunk on Comics crew would like to thank all the listeners out there who have supported us, and the many more we plan on reaching.  We may joke about not having many fans who listen, but that’s because we still can’t believe an amateur podcast (should we say immature) has a following.  We try to keep our hubris in check by joking about the number of fans being low, be we do not mean to discount those who do listen and support us.  We would honestly still do this because we enjoy it ourselves, but we take some measure of pride knowing others enjoy it too.

From everyone past and present at Drunk on Comics, we look forward to bringing you more great episodes in the years to come.

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