Drunk on Comics Podcast 302: Snow Day

At Drunk on Comics, the group makes it a priority to record an episode every week with a few exceptions.  In the history of the group, they have had a few mishaps, but never one due to the weather.   Well this week, the cold mid-west decided to dump so much snow that Linz and Tony weren’t able to meet up to record.  So instead, they are writing up a few books they read to get the word out on some great books this past week.

X-men Red #1
Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Mahmud Asrar
Color Artist: Ive Svorcina
Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit
X-men Red is the new series that reintroduces Jean Grey as part of the X-men following the events of
The Resurrection of Jean Grey. They do not waste any time getting her back in to action in this series.
One would think that after, I don’t know, being dead for so long, one would some time to recover. Not
Jean Grey! Which actually plays to her character quite well. She has never been one to dwell on being
The books starts with a child running from a mob. In any X-men title, this means she is a mutant
and the mob is trying to kill her. She is, of course, saved by an X-men team consisting of an interesting
mix of characters. After that, the story flashes back 2 months to show a car jacking, in which there was
still a baby in the car. Not wanting to give the whole story away, I will just say that you know that
mutant powers have something to do with this and that the X-men also come to the rescue. There is a
beautiful panel in which you see Jean holding the baby.
After this it was just a giant tear fest for me.  Not because the book was sad, but because it was nice to finally see the heart of the X-men returning.  Jean decides to bring together the best minds in the world and form alliances in order to start a campaign to get mutants protections world wide and recognized as a nation. She does this in a way that only Jean can. The book ends with a plea to the UN, and in true X-men style, the reveal of the villain that will be the thorn in the side of Jean for at least the next 5 issues (possibly longer, considering who this villain is). The art in this was good, giving Jean some really nice focus panels (as well as a hilarious panel of Namor man-spreading). Overall, it was a really good way to start Jean’s return to the Marvel Universe.
Infinity Countdown: Adam Warlock
Writer: Gerry Duggan
Artist: Michael Allred
Color Artist: Laura Allred
Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit
Where to begin with one of the best created heroes in the Marvel Universe!  Most people know of Thanos.  Even the new comers to Marvel at least have heard of him through the MCU.   And one of the pinnacle stories ever written involved a gauntlet and some gems.   (although they are now stones because things need to be the same on the page as it is with the movies)  But this story, which has played out in multiple scenarios is making the big leap to the MCU, and with that comes the next big marvel event kicking off with this issue.
Adam Warlock is the polar opposite of Thanos.  Where Thanos is about destruction and death, Adam Warlock is the light of good in the universe.    He has had many other adventures that exclude his showdowns with Thanos, but whenever the stones are involved, Adam Warlock is sure to be around.  Which takes us to this story Arc.   It gives a good summation of who Adam is, as well as some gorgeous pages that show what he has done.  Showing past iterations of some of the cosmic heroes was a great touch of nostalgia while reading.  Seeing the original Captain Mar-Vell as well as a Kirby-esque atmosphere really is one part of why this book is so good.
So will the next great story involving Adam be any different than those arcs?  It looks like it, especially when Kang the Conqueror is involved.  Kang has always been about conquering all of time, but self preservation is also his most coveted attribute.   So when time runs out for Kang, he has plans to reset the past to ensure his survival of the future.
This comic is a very informative one for those who may not know of Adam Warlock.  Yet it doesn’t give away the entire story of what is to come.    The great dialogue that seems as if Jim Starlin was writing is another great introduction to this cosmic crossover.
Batman #40
Writer: Tom King
Artist: Joelle Jones
Color Artist: Jordie Bellaire
Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Would it be an episode of Drunk on Comics without mentioning the adventures of Bruce Wayne?  Obviously from this write up, No!  While every single issue has been solid, this one takes the cake with the shocking ending from issue #39.   We were left off knowing that Bruce and Diana were trapped fighting the Horde in The Realm but also, that they have been in there for years as each second The Gentle Man takes his “day off” to reunite with his lost love.   But we also left off seeing a piece of what could be Bruce’s infidelity.
Luckily for all things good, Diana reminds Bruce he is a better man than that.   It was both shocking and refreshing to see that there was still hope with the Horde everlasting.   And everlasting is an understatement.   The years that went by in the panels are paltry in comparison to all that the two heroes experienced while Selina escorted The Gentle Man around Gotham.
The conclusion to this book was nothing but love, in the literal sense.   To see what The Gentle Man has given up in order to save humanity from the Horde is heartbreaking.  Where he neglected to explain how time works differently in The Realm to Wonder Woman and Batman, it seemed like they would never undergo another favor for him.   Yet, as Catwoman states, next time she will be there, and the years will not be as long with her and Batman side by side.
Booze and a Book
Swamp Thing Winter Special
Writer: Tom King
Artist: Jason Fabok
Color Artist: Brad Aderson
Letterer: Deron Bennett
Another great story from the mind of Tom King.  He really is that great of a writer.  Swamp Thing has always been a fascination of the team, but the lore is so deep that it is hard to know all about the green wonder.  This issue is not only worth the price, being at around 90 pages as well as a back up story and dedication to Len Wein.  Without wanting to bastardize in so small of a summary of the book, we will just say the heart of the monster is great.
The booze to pair with this book is Bring the Greenback by Baere Brewing Company  This spruce tip table sour reminds all those who drink it in the winter that spring is right around the corner.
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