Drunk On Comics Podcast Special Edition: The Publishers at GLCC


glccDrunk On Comics Podcast Special Edition: The Publishers at GLCC

In this special edition episode, Derek took a trip to a small but incredibly positive show, Great Lakes Comic Con.

While he was there, he was able to take a little bit of time from some publishers that were exhibiting. He talked to Josh Blaylock of Devil’s Due Entertainment, and none other than long time friend of the show, Dirk MF Manning, couldn’t resist the gravitational pull of the Drunk On Comics’ microphone.

Derek also spent some time with Josh Werner of Source Point Press and Travis McIntire of the Michigan Comics Collective to discuss their new collaborative project which is live on Kickstarter now! (Click that link and give them money!)

Please forgive us for the audio on this one, as the loudspeaker was amazingly effective and we had to work around it a little. We did leave a few fun little nuggets of humor in there while we left the recorder on, simply because they made us laugh.

So as always, kick back, grab a beverage and enjoy!

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