Drunk on Comics Special Edition: Hacktivist Interview


hacktivist_001_-_coverDrunk on Comics Special Edition: Hacktivist Interview

Derek and Tony had the chance to sit down with with three of the creators of the new comic book miniseries, Hacktivist.  Joining the guys via the magic of the internet were co-writers Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly, along with artist Marcus To.
The group discussed the creative process that has gone into creating this comic book from initial idea to the drawn pages. The conversation included how the creator, Alyssa Milano, and inker, Ian Herring, work together with the rest of the team to bring this story of hacking, social networking and the world around us to life on the printed page.
So sit back and enjoy as we take a look behind the hottest new miniseries on the shelves today, and learn a bit more about the creators themselves as the Drunk On Comics crew dives deep into the guts of this groundbreaking book. Also, listen to how easy it is to get interviewed by us when we don’t even need to ask the questions!


Issue 3 of Hacktivist hits stands on Wednesday, March 26th 2014, and is published by Archaia Entertainment.  You can find Hacktivist at your local comic book stores, and also online digitally at Comixology.
If you would like to follow any of the creatorsthat were interviewed in this podcast, you can find them on Twitter at @JacksonLanzing, @cpkelly and @marcusto.
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