Drunk on Comics Podcast 146: The Most Refreshing Can Ever


Drunk on Comics Podcast 146: The Most Refreshing Can Ever

Derek and Tony were more inebriated than normal, which had them cracking up at themselves to a higher degree, but that didn’t stop them from getting down to business.

Derek talked about Southern Bastards #8 from Image Comics. If you aren’t reading this comic, you need to start. Simply put, Jason Aaron and Jason Latour have created one of the most riveting books you’ll ever read.

Tony reviewed Uncanny Inhumans #1, which he learned had 2 stories within.  The first was spectacular because it dealt with one of his favorite characters, Black Bolt.  The other story was written by Ryan Stegman (who is normally the artist on the other Inhuman book) and this one was drawn by our good drinking buddy Ryan Lee.

Indie turnpike was Tales From the Con: Year 2 from Image Comics. This is a must read for every con goer.

Booze and a book had the pairing of Avengers #43 with Blindman’s Icarus (unfortunately its only found in the UK, so now those listeners can drink one of our pairings)


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