Drunk on Comics Podcast 152: Live from Motor City Comic Con


Drunk on Comics Podcast 152: Live from Motor City Comic Con

Before we get into this episode it needs to be mentioned that at around the 45 minute mark, the sound quality switches. This is due to Tony’s Laptop crashing during recording, and having to splice in from the back up recorder. Tony spent hours trying to get the podcast spliced together, and luckily he was able to salvage the episode. (also take note, having a backup in case something goes wrong is something we cover in the podcasting panel which will be put up next weekend.)

And now for the good stuff. Derek, Tony, and Matt all made it to Motor City Comic Con this year and were blown away by the show. Also joining them for the weekend was their brother from Canada, Jay from An Elegant Weapon podcast. Derek reviewed Walking Dead #141, and the mind games Negan is playing on Rick. It is also of note that a year ago, Derek also reviewed Walking Dead at our last visit to Motor City. Kirkman must know when we are doing this con so as to get a book out for Derek’s review.

Tony got back into Astro City #23. The writing and art on this book is simply amazing. Having a world in which to showcase “real” superheroes who live and die, or rise up from being a simple talking gorilla is beyond compare. If you are not picking this up, you need to be. Matt reviewed Secret Wars #2. We are starting to see what Marvel has up its sleeve, and although this seems like a huge ‘what if” series, the story so far is filling in the gaps of what happened after the final incursion, while leaving so much to look forward to.

Matt also picked up a series at the convention that has some historical significance. He has been searching for more comics based on real events that he may be able to incorporate into teaching. The book is Yi Soon Shin, and the artwork alone and quality of the book has his stamp of approval. Jay also jumped in to talk about Convergence and fill us in on some of what DC has going on.

Indie Turnpike was also picked up on the con floor this year. It is Up the River, which after the show, Tony was able to talk to the creators about the book, and he got a glimpse of what is in store for this wild ride of a series.

Booze and a book had the pairing of Infusion #1 with Makers Mark, conveniently stored in Derek’s NES flask the entire weekend.

We want to once again thank Motor City Comic Con for allowing us to be a part of the show. Words can not express the gratitude we have for all the support they have given us. We still have some interviews as well as our panel on podcasting that we will be putting up in the next 2 weeks. But from all of us at the Drunk on Comics family, thank you from the bottom of our flasks.

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