Drunk on Comics Podcast 164: Boobs and Brains


Drunk on Comics Podcast 164: Boobs and Brains

Tony, Adam and Linz were on board this week to record another podcast of Drunk on Comics.   They started the show finding out that Linz recently attended a Nerd Burlesque show.  And although Adam and Tony are disappointed in not being invited out to the event, they got over their sadness once they got down to business to talk about all things comic books.

Linz started out with an interesting new book called Phonogram The Immaterial Girl #1. The guys started to get into this world with all their thoughts on how music magic works.  Is it fading due to MTV not showing music videos anymore?  Are the Gods in Kieron Gillen’s other book, Wicked and Divine, involved?  Does the type of music dictate the type of magic?  All great questions we hope to discover in this new read.

Tony picked up Orphan Black #5 (Rachel) which is a tie-in for the TV show with the same name.  Ir was refreshing to have new stories on interesting concept of the television show, along with an introduction to a new character coming along in the upcoming season.  Adam dove into his book Sting Divers #1.  Adam used some fancy smart words while describing this book, but it had a lot of interesting nerd science going for it that it is another example of how comic books teach us.

Indie Turnpike was John Flood #1.  Finding out what has been keeping him up is just part of the mystery that this book has to offer.

Booze and a Book had the pairing of Secret Wars Battle World #4 paired with a Surfer on Acid mixed drink, which is 1/3 part Jagermeister, 1/3 part Malibu coconut rum and 1/3 part pineapple juice.

Best on Tap was the retro look of Yasmine Purti’s Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde #2.


starlord and kitty




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