Drunk on Comics Podcast 172: Tony Don’t Speak Good 2: Electric Boogaloo


Drunk on Comics Podcast 172: Tony Don’t Speak Good 2: Electric Boogaloo

Derek, Linz and Tony decided to record on empty stomachs. So Tony did the smart thing and decided to order a pizza to be ready when they got done talking about the comics and news that came out this week. And with normal fashion, Tony’s brain doesn’t like to work when he is speaking, so he may or may not need to stop drinking while recording the next show.

Linz started out with the very interesting book of Paper Girls #1. Tony had many questions about the book, which both Derek and Linz were able to answer. But they all were a bit perplexed with the last page of the book. What is going on here? What are these creatures? What was with the space angel? We are looking forward to the next book to hopefully answer a few more of these lingering questions.

Derek made his review of Southern Bastards #11 short and sweet, which is not what this book is about. The dirty gritty art reflects the writing in this great book. Tony was thankfully given enough time thanks to Derek to talk about a large grouping of books to come out from Marvel this week.

The books were Dr Strange #1, Avengers #0, The Amazing Spider-Man #1, Invincible Iron Man #1, and Secret Wars #6. With all these books, which were great in many aspects, left a bit of WTF in the narrative. Some reveals of what happens after Secret Wars ends were revealed, and with no one having any clue of there even being a Secret Wars really leaves confusion for the reader.

Indie Turnpike was a bit disturbing with A Train Called Love #1.

Booze and a Book was a very simple yet great pairing of Molson Canadian with We Stand On Guard #4.

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