Drunk on Comics podcast 175: Derek’s Last Call “Air Quotes”


Drunk on Comics podcast 175: Derek’s Last Call “Air Quotes”

It’s a bitter-sweet day for the group of Drunk on Comics. It was great to finally get the whole team together, new and old, to record an episode.  It was also great to celebrate 175 plus shows that they have recorded over the past 3 and 1/2 years.  But with the sweet comes the bitter, which this episode also marks the end of an era with Derek leaving the show.   Kevin also has unofficially left the podcast awhile ago, but this too is also a good-bye to his many exploits as well as his long box.  With Matt being more of a part time host, Tony is left from the original foursome to get the new team ready for some more great shows as well as new things to come.

Joining them was Linz, young Derek, and Adam to round out this special podcast where reminiscing was rampant.  Everyone talked about some highlights from creating this venture and the many friends they have made along the way.  But before switching to the All-New, All-Different Drunk on Comics, the guys stuck to the old format with some reviews.

Tony and young Derek tackled Justice League #45 along with the tie in Justice League Darkseid War Batman #1.  Coming out of the pages of Justice League, the many new Gods have been formed with the death of Darkseid, and it is crazy.  But nothing is as crazy as Batman in his chair of knowledge.  Using it to be the best Batman there is, he is serving out justice to all criminals of Gotham.  But within the comic, we start to see the cost of that vengeance.  If you are not reading the most bad-ass and biggest asshole Batman, you need to pick up these books.

Linz talked about Coming of Rage #1.  The late Wes Craven is still turning out stories with this series coming straight from the mastermind himself.  While there really isn’t any “wine” to be found in the book, we do have to say that the air quotes that Linz did had everyone laughing.  Along with the pun of the title, its a great new book in comic book stores.

Indie Turnpike was Black Magick #1. This is an amazing new title from the mind of Greg Rucka with amazing artwork from Nicola Scott. If you missed this book, you need to go back and pick it up for yourself.

Booze and a Book this week was a choose your own adventure.  So pick your favorite book this week and grab a beverage and reminisce of the great pairings the group has had to offer over the years.

So sit back and enjoy as the group has one more round at the bar that started it all. And while you’re at it, lift your glass to Derek and Kevin as they depart. I’m sure we will see more of them in the near future in one way or another.

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