Drunk on Comics Podcast 187: Tony Loses His Sh*t


Well, another week goes by with the group killing more brain cells as they try to bring you the information of comics, super heroes and anything else nerd related. In today’s episode, you get to hear Tony spiral down in a drunken fashion, with Linz and Derek there to help steer the ship.

They reviewed Mirror #1, which is part of the 8House series from Image. The watercolors used for the book really gave it another worldly feel, where as the content left many questions. There was love, lose and sadness throughout this first story arc, and we are scrambling to find out more info on 8House, and how this book fits into the overall picture.

Somehow, the conversation took a turn to old Happy Meal toys, and the greatness that some were, or how crappy other food chains were as well. With it being the Super Bowl, discussion took place of who would be the best on a team. Tony then used his drunken powers to predict with 100% accuracy the Super Bowl champions.

Booze and a book was Lucifer #2 paired with Deschutes Habanero Sculpin.

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