Drunk on Comics Podcast 208: Blockbusters


Drunk on Comics Podcast 208: Blockbusters

Linz and Tony are holding down the fort this week, with a little help from Derek and Matt. They gang covered a variety of subjects, including many that are in the spirit of the current patriotic holiday. They started of with some news about the Sausage Party preview and lamented over not being in one of the cities where Lyft was giving out free rides in Ecto-1. There was also a lengthy discussion about “Mockbusters”, which were a bane of Linz’s existence when she slung movies and the video store.

Tony reviewed “Captain America: Steve Rogers #2”. Tony is on board with the ongoing story of the series, even though they have already resolved the main issue of the first issue (resolved for the reader at least, the characters of the book are still in the dark). Don’t be afraid to pick this series up, even with all the geek rage surrounding the first issue; we don’t think you will be disappointed.

Linz reviewed “Jade Street Protection Services” from Black Mask Studios. The marketing for this title describes the story as “Breakfast Club meets Sailor Moon”, and they are not wrong. The story starts with a group of girls who are attending a magic school. They all get detention, and after a little character development, they all decided to sneak out. During their escape from detention, they learn information about one of their teachers as well as start building what will be a strong female team. This is an all ages book, and definitely inspired by anime. Check it out!

The crew wraps up the podcast talking about the latest Humble Bundle, Tony’s disappointment in the new Independence Day movie, Samurai Jack, and the renewal of the Preacher Television show.

Booze and a Book this week was Spiderman/Deadpool #6 paired with a Blockbuster Breeze.

Happy 4th of July from your drunks!

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