Drunk on Comics Podcast 209: An Interview with Arlo Grammatica from Ska Brewing


Drunk on Comics Episode 209: An Interview with Arlo Grammatica from Ska Brewing

Two of the things that make the gang and Drunk on Comics most happy are comics and really good beer. When those two things can be combined, it is just magical.  Ska Brewing, located in Durango, California, does just that (along with Ska music, obviously). This week we got to talk to Arlo Grammatica, the National Sales Manager of the company. This sounds like a big wig title, but Arlo is definitely rocking the laid-back Colorado vibe, which he also claims is the vibe of everyone who works there and the brewery itself.

In order to prep for this interview, Ska Brewing sent us some of there beer, the comic book that dramatizes the origins of the brewery, and a ViewMaster with a slide that gives you a tour of the brewery. Needless to say, we were more than impressed by everything. The two beers we tried were Modus Mandarina IPA(a delicious, hoppy beer with a noticable flavor of oranges) and Mexican Logger (a great, light summer beer). We talked with Arlo in depth about combining beer making, the founders of the brewery, what makes them unique, where the brewery is headed, and how awesome the name Arlo Grammatica is.

We all decided that moving to Colorado sounds like a really good idea.

Follow this link to see where you can find beer from Ska near you. It’s not in Michigan. This makes us sad. Hopefully Arlo will fix this for us soon.

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