Drunk on Comics Podcast 213- Kickstart My Heart


Drunk on Comics Episode 213: Kickstart My Heart

This week Linz and Derek met in Studio B while Tony was out communing with nature. San Diego Comic Con happened this last weekend, but you all will have to wait until Episode 214 to hear us talk about that due to timing of recording.

Thanks to SDCC there seemed to be a media blackout during the week prior. There was a couple of things covered, including the new franchise that is going to be released by Stan Lee and the DOJ approving the merger of Anheuser-Busch InBev and SABMiller. Oh, we had some definite opinions on that last thing.

Linz reviewed Snotgirl #1 written by Bryan Lee O’Malley, art by Leslie Hung. Without going too much in to the story, this book is everything you’ve come to expect from Bryan Lee O’Malley. It’s fun and quirky without losing that angst that O’Malley’s work is known for. Leslie Hung’s art really adds to the story, adding elements to incorporate our current obsession with technology. Linz loved it. She thinks that if you liked Scott Pilgrim or Seconds, you will love it too.

The lack of news this week allowed the duo to cover some Kickstarters that they thought you should throw your money at. Check out the episode to find out what they thought about each one, but follow these links to the actual projects:

* Classic Pulp brought to you by Source Point Press

* Smut and Jeff from Kody Chamberlain

* The F1rst Hero: Wednesday’s Child from Anthony Ruttgaizer

* Donald of the Dead from Dan Taylor

* Angelarium: Book of Watchers brought to you by No Gravity Studios

* Light-Earth #3 brought to you by No Gravity Studios

Please check out these fine Kickstarters curated especially for you, by us. Throw them some love in monetary form if you can.

Booze and a Book this week was Manifest Destiny #21 paired Big Griz from Perrin. Cheers!

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