Drunk on Comics Podcast 215: Tony Watches the Sink Ship


Drunk on Comics Podcast 215: Tony Watches the Sink Ship

Derek, Linz, and Tony had a time this week.  Not saying a good time, or bad time, but a time non the less.    Tony half way through recording, tried to get Linz to pony up and bring up some topics to discuss, which turned into a good introspective discussion.  Besides getting more in touch with themselves, they also got into some conversations of the comic book industry.

They at one point had the scenario of Squirrel Girl fighting Jean Grey, and who would come out victorious.  They also got into the new Harry Potter book, only to find out that Tony is really the only one who has read the series.

Spoilers and leaks have come to be a part of the industry, but they are completely two different things.   Having a podcast, of course spoilers will be had, otherwise what is there to talk about.  But when story arcs are “leaked” from the source before the book hits stands, then spoilers are just one of the many problems facing fans.   The group thinks leaks need to stop, but how is a different matter.

Booze and a Book is 4001 AD: War Mother #1 paired with a Mars from Bells Brewery.

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