Drunk On Comics Podcast: C2E2 2015 Interviews Part 1


Drunk On Comics Podcast: C2E2 2015 Interviews Part 1

In this first round of interviews from C2E2 2015, we get right down to business with Eric Canete to talk about his new book, RUNLOVEKILL.

Trevor Mueller tells us about his educational comic for kids, Albert the Alien and his Reading with Pictures project.

Christopher Sebela dives deep into the multiple books he’s writing such as the critically acclaimed (by us at least), Dead Letters to name just one.

Jay Leisten blows our minds talking about the art of inking and adding texture to the pencils on some of your favorite comic books.

And finally, it wouldn’t be an interview show with out including the man in black himself, Mr. Dirk Manning to talk about some real life ghost stories.

Thanks again to ReedPop and the C2E2 gang for allowing us to come back again and cover the con. It truly was a blast!

Stay tuned for more interviews in the next couple of weeks!

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