Drunk On Comics Podcast Episode 151: Our Names Don’t Spell SNIPE


Drunk on Comics podcast 151: Our Names Don’t Spell SNIPE

Tony and Derek are once again have some excellent comic book reviews and news that will get you through the week on this episode.

Derek started with a review of Afterlife with Archie #8. The Riverdale gang is still trying to survive while also trying to fit into a zombie apocalyptic world. This book is always amazing and it just keeps getting better with each issue.

Tony could not have been more blown away by and event than he was with Secret Wars #1. This really is the end of the Marvel Universe as we know it. From the battles to subtle small details, this book had a lot going which is sure to pick up next week.

Indie Turnpike was Rocket Girl #6 – even after a hiatus this book is truly a sight to behold.

Booze and a Book was a little different this week, and since Tony can’t count, he messed up the bit. But grab a drink with some Bacardi 151 while you listen to our 151st episode.

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