Drunk On Comics Podcast: Motor City Comic Con 2015 Interviews!


Drunk On Comics Podcast: Motor City Comic Con 2015 Interviews!

In this special edition, the guys took some time on the convention floor at Motor City Comic Con 2015 to interview a handful of guests.

Due to the insanity of activity at their booth this year, there were a few less interviews than in the past. But what they lost in quantity they certainly made up for in quality!

Also, there were a few lost interviews that might resurface in the future. Only the tech gods know for sure at this point.

Here is the line up for this episode:

Lance Henriksen – Legendary actor, comic book author and all around amazing individual.

Ted McKeever – One of the most insanely talented artists and writers ever. Comic fans are blessed to have his works to enjoy.

Tom Raney – Prolific artist who has graced the pages of every major publisher for over 2 decades.

Joe Prado – Brazilian powerhouse who has been bringing DC characters to light in a whole new way.

Tim Townsend – Inker extraordinaire who brings pencils to life with his amazing inks. This man is at the top of his game and truly adds weight, depth and a 3rd dimension to everything he touches.

Make sure you click on the names of our guests if you want to see more of their work or know more about them.

As always, grab your beverage of choice and enjoy some time with your favorite virtual drinking buddies.


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