Drunk on Comics Podcast 074: Read the Art


Drunk on Comics Podcast 074: Read the Art

We have another fun podcast for your listening ears this week, especially since we have learned the magic of time travel and have skipped straight to Christmas.  (or at least we have noticed the stores have since we just ended Halloween. )

But to get down to the meat of this episode, we talked about Green Lantern Annual #2, in which Tony got Kevin to give away a free spoiler.  Matt talked about Sandman Overture #1, which if you could have been in the recording studio, seeing Kevin’s reaction to some of the art was priceless.  Lastly, Tony spoke of T.M.N.T micro-series: Bebop and Rocksteady.

Derek decided to share 2 books from his trip to Detroit Fanfare: God Hates Astronauts and Six Gun Gorilla.

Indie Turnpike was Samurai Jack #1 from IDW.

Our most recent Bar Back is Cain: First Born by Alexandre Coscas and Joe Kelbley and can be found by following this link here.

Booze and a Book was Legend of Oz: Wicked West #12 paired with 99 Bananas and a Shirley Temple

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