Enter The Doorways to Adventure (or Horror)

If your are looking for a badass game and at the same time looking for an excuse to use your VCR, you should try and find one of these two game.  Growing up me and my friends played the fuck out of these game.   And unlike shit like CrossFire and Mouse Trap or other games we played growing up, these game continue to hold up.  The down and dirty of these games is simple:

  • Roll the die, Watch a clip
  • Laugh at the old time clips and background voice work
  • Buy treasures or place spells on creatures
  • Stop tape, bid on more treasures
  • Draw cards

As stated on the box, “No two games are alike”.  There is  some truth to that which is printed on the box. but the overall game play is the same.  However, there is exciting with the bidding and the constant getting screwed over while playing.  If you can find them, grab them, then convert the VHS to  DVD.

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