Episode 007: Judging a book by its cover


We start off this podcast with the twitter-gate controversy involving Frank Tieri calling out Tony for judging Space Punisher without actually reading it. Other comic books reviewed were Uncanny X-Force #28, Superman #11, Irresistible #1, AvX #8. Booze and a book was Man-thing with Absinthe. We also discussed slabbing comic books, and about those free digital codes that Marvel has put onto their comic books. Tony tried to give out a code over the air, while Matt thwarted the plan. We learned that Derek is afraid to pull off the stickers to give away his free digital copy because it might make his books devalue in the non-existent chance that he will ever actually sell them anyways. Lastly Derek had to be the evil villain and tell Tony sad news of some of his favorite characters.

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